Bellow You can find some of mine small personal projects. Most of them are part of big ones.

2010-01-10 IE rounded rect shadows with gradient transparency for dojo FloatingPane.

2009-07-12 XSL works better of DreamWeaver templates. This site will be in XML+XSLT from now on.
2009-07-01 Finally got time for HD picture album. Works on HDTV and iPhone.
2009-01-13 CSS fluid layout table with scrollable body and fixed header/footer most copatible at the moment.
2008-10-09 Popup UI continues XSL UI series.
2008-09-24 Long wanted 100% fill page table layout. Thanks to Sertane.
Started XSL based UI 2008-09-24 with print int in defined radix
CSS group visibility switch 2008-09-23
Rapid WEB developent tools: Server object (POJO|POCO) - HTML UI synchronization design doc.
Merging tables using XSL and JSTL as substitution for CSS 100% height.
Web 2.0 overlapping Tabs widget
Dojo play:
Attribute customization for XStream 2006-10-05 Fast development tool. The goal is automatic UI generation for any (abstract) Java object via XML serialization and XSLT. The field type and some extra metadata passed from field annotations: type, FieldName, FieldDescription

j4.html 2005 One more programming language made: The marriage of HTML front-end and server-side model for JSP a-la first ASPs. Includes name space and events. Form-binding substitution of PHP,Tiles, ASP.

The next code is self-sufficient. "NamedField" from HTML matches same variable in JSP:

<input name="NamedField" OnServerSubmit='<%System.out.println(NamedField)%>' /> 

Can be used java/JSP for creation of multimedia site? Look at our photo album

WiFi command-line configuration utility for Windows 98, 2K, XP. 2006  
Small article "Using of synchronization for simultaneous read and blocked writing in java.
Play Station2 and Game Cube game sever. 2001 This set of hardware and software allows to share game console over the web. Friends can join the play party at your house using web browser.
Import Address book with MAPI-based code. 2001
It is not new, but there are no such solution can be found on internet.
Same for MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express( and other MAPI-compatible: Eudora, Netscape, etc.)
XML output format. Includes conversion to Unicode.

MFC multiple inheritance extension library 1998
Who said that MFC window/document classes shall have just straight inheritance?
This library shows how to create MFC "widgets", extend them using standard wizards and apply to any CWnd-derived class in order you want.
The set of existing widgets includes CDocument elements(derived from CDocument), CView and CScrollView elements (CView-derived), etc.
This set is ideal for hierarchy of various model elements. Each element consists of CDocument-derived model element and CView/CScrollView-derived view representation. All following the MFC message routing, wizards and documentation. It was used for heavy 2D/3D CAD development.

During years I used to work with image processing, visualization and graphics and it became a permanent personal interest.
Brief keywords for what I have done in this area:
This is a short list, but there are much more in background. I would love to make a 10-minute demo of projects and skills.
There are chance that projects itself will be interested even more than position I am trying to apply :o)